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Star of the North

10/5/18       D.B. John

A well-written thriller and a frightening exposé on what is really happening in North Korea


The Half Sister

5/4/18       Catherine Chanter

Family secrets and sibling rivalry -

a catastrophe waiting to happen!


The Possible World

12/7/18       Liese O'Halloran Schwarz

The story of three interwoven

but separate lives


Fakes and Lies

31/1/18       Jane A Adams

Another outing for Naomi Blake


Amira Can Catch

15/3/18       Kevin Christofora

Amira lands in a new hometown after leaving Syria over a year ago.


A Good Time to be a Girl

8/2/18       Helena Morrissey

Written by the founder of the 30% club.



16/5/18       A.P. Bateman

This time it's personal

mr zorg

Mr Peacock's Possessions

 17/5/18       Lydia Syson

What are possessions? Objects? People?


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