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Past Echoes

20/1/18         Graham Smith

Not one for me…

mr zorg

Locked In

28/1/18         G B Williams


mr zorg

Water and Glass

30/11/17         Abi Curtis

"In the mornings, for the first few seconds after she wakes, she never remembers where she is"


Sleep No More

5/10/17         P.D. James

Six little murderous gems


The Day of the Martians:

The Martian Diaries Vol 1

16/11/17         H E Wilburson

The war against the Martians continues… Treebeard


20/1/18         Peter Kuhnert

A debut novel, based on the devastating scourge of rhino poaching in South Africa


The Split

17/10/17         Hannah Hopkins

A new life in another galaxy


Families of the Domesday Book Vol 1

 11/3/14         Charles Graves

Research of the families originally listed

in the Domesday Book of 1086


A Conspiracy of Friends

1/5/11         Alexander McCall Smith

Final chapter in the Corduroy Mansions trilogy

Mr Bumblebee

The Killing Bay

21/2/17         Chris Ould

The second in a trilogy set in the Faroes,

just as good as the first if not better!


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