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It All Falls Down

28/6/18       Sheena Kamal

A search for answers unearths

more than bargained for


Parallel Lines

29/12/14       Jane McCulloch

Compelling novel of family relationships


An Unfinished Murder

12/7/18       Ann Granger

Cold case police procedural


Voices of the Foreign Legion

22/4/10       Adrian D. Gilbert

An army of tradition and integrity


The Assassination of

Robert F Kennedy

31/5/18       Tim Tate & Brad Johnson

Lone gunman or conspiracy?


Triangles in Squares

4/11/15       Jane McCulloch

Book two in the Three Lives trilogy



30/4/18       Nancy Springer

A story to fill your heart with warm

and cuddly thoughts


The War in the Dark

17/7/18       Nick Setchfield

Fantasy and the cold war, a deadly combination



11/7/18       Stephen Bentley

He still doesn't know who the F***he is


The Wives

12/7/18       Lauren Weisberger

Revenge can be very sweet, especially when your friends have contacts in the right places.


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