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The Break

7/9/17      Marian Keyes

What would you do

if your husband wanted a break?


One Last Dram Before Midnight

7/9/17      Denzil Meyrick

A collection of short stories

involving DCI Daley


Futurballa: Life Light Speed

7/9/17      Ester Coen & Keiko Kawashima

A companion book

to the FuTurBalla exhibition in Alba


The Trust

3/11/17      John Mayer

Another page turning, outstandingly developed process of intrigue, betrayal and trust


The Wall

14/3/17      Mauro Lirussi

Good first offering by Mauro Lirussi

Michelle & Luke James

A Column of Fire

 21/9/17      Ken Follett

A beautiful tapestry woven through words


Dead In Time

16/2/17      Terence Bailey

Guardian Angel or cold blooded killer?

You decide



16/2/17      Thomas More (translated by Roger Clarke)

An intriguing spotlight on the past and the future


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